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“Unicorn Wizard” – NINJA SEX PARTY Metal Cover | Feat. Victor The Guitar Nerd

Sometimes I wish I was even more awesome than I already am. What would my life be like if I turned that shit up to eleven (out of a possible five)? Riding straight out of your imagination Using my magic to fight against crime Destroying evil with powers most awesome Protecting the weak almost all…

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まじかるパワー (Magical Power) – Country Humans Comic Dub – Flaconadir

Good Grief Ma-Magical Power? MAGICAL POWER!!! MIRACLE-SAN!!! You are my greatest disappointment I’m useless. NYA!!!

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Nietzsche — We Are Living in an Illusion

>Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions. — Nietzsche, On Truth and Lie in a Nonmoral Sense Are we living in a lie? I look out of my window and see two orange trees. Orange trees: one concept, two entities. In reality, they’re not the same. One has 203 leaves and the other…

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BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery & Expansion Promo Video

Introducing Power Magic Ultra Battery, the high-capacity battery for BlackVue dashcam Parking Mode. Fast-charging. Long-lasting. Expandable. Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges quickly and lets you enjoy Parking Mode protection for extended periods of time. Equipped with Bluetooth the Ultra Battery lets you check charging time and remaining power with the free BlackVue Battery app. Need…

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13 Secret Tricks Every Police Officer Uses

Have you ever engaged in a pleasant conversation with a police officer who stopped you on the road? If you have, then you’ve probably given them a lot of useful info without even realizing it. The police have much more up their sleeves than you might think, and a superhero arsenal is just one of…

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The Power of MAKEUP!

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Music, Magic and Mayhem with Tesla Coil

Hi on my quest to find a greater power I came across things at lower power which were rather… beautiful. I mean look at these arcs created by my circuit. There are in order of hundred thousand volts and yet the only sound you hear from this… is the sound of stupidity. I’ll show you…

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How to Read Eye Accessing Cues + Magic Trick from Steven Bridges

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How to Memorize Fast using Link System + Magic Trick from JustJoshinMagic

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Porsha Signs Blake As An Artist | Season 5 Ep. 11 | EMPIRE

Now, when you spit the 16, you know, just go crazy. I want you to do your thing. Yeah. (RAPPING) I’m the best to ever do it, like Brady. New glows got ’em pushing up daisies. So hot, now they begging for some AC. Uh-uh. Only place I ever lose is in your daydreams. Let’s…

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