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Learn the Dollar Bill Switch Magic Trick

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Things Magicians Don’t Like To Hear

here are a few things that magicians do not like to here hey bro yeah wanna see this sick magic trick ive been working on lately sure what is it some little card trick or something bro if I were you id just get a day job because you know your not going to get…

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Things Magicians NEVER Want To Hear!!

Oh that’s really neat! My little brother does magic, too! Oh, cool. Which… which instrument? Oh! Magician? Sweet! Like, as a hobby? Oh my god, I loved it when you put the needle through your arm! Are you available for my daughter’s fifth birthday? Oh, man! Can you show the one where the ring ends…

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Basically I’m Gay

(sighs) – Hello Internet. (inhales deeply) (dramatic suspenseful music) – Sex! Secrecy! And a whole lot of internal screaming. Starring Daniel Howell. One of the greatest mysteries of our generation. What is Dan’s sexuality? Spoiler alert. I’m not straight. Sex, the foundation of life and the only thing we’re really supposed to do. Everyone’s obsessed…

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My Grandma Cast A Voodoo Spell On My Best Friend. It Worked! || Best True Stories Animated

Hi, everybody! My name is Caleb, I am sixteen years old. I was born and grew up in New Orleans, and this is an important fact, because my story will be about an ancient voodoo curse, and about my best friend who became its victim. I see you don’t believe me. My friend didn’t either,…

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My Mom Forced Me To Make A Pregnancy Test. I Didn’t Want Her To Know!

Hi, guys. My name’s Lisa, I’m 16 and I’m going to tell you something I’m very ashamed of. Recently I had to prove to my mom that I wasn’t pregnant, and because of that, a secret of mine was revealed. I have to say, I’m not used to talking about delicate matters like this. My…

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Problems ONLY Magicians will understand!

– Hohó. Igen, ez volt az én lapom haver. Ez jó volt, nagyon jó. – Köszi haver. Ez semmiség, tényleg… – Wooohooo! Mi a f*sz! Ez mi volt? Srácok, ezt ti is? … Mi? – Várj. Várj, mi? – A izé, az a … A kárty… Ez durva volt. Srácok gyertek, ezt látnotok kell. Ezt…

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Siri Does a MAGIC TRICK!

– Excuse me? – Yeah, what`s up, man? – Hi, how is it going? – I`m, uhh.. – I wanna, I`m – You ever lost your headphones inside your phone? – No – This is a.. – Standart problem for magicians – You can see it`s really inside my phone – But, as a magician,…

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