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This musical illusion will blow your mind!

Hey its Andrew Huang (Clap) I don’t put blow your mind in my video titles very lightly actually I don’t think I’ve ever done it before I wanna talk about a Psycho-Acoustic Phenomenon I came across several years ago that really did blow my mind and I figured It was time that I shared that…

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‘Average Andy’ with the ‘Magic Mike Live’ Dancers

Now, let’s talk about something that people can’t get enough of Magic Mike.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Magic Mike, so we had some dancers on the show recently. We are still cleaning baby oil off the furniture.>>[LAUGH] >>And they’re starting a new live show in Vegas. And we had some of the world-class dancers teach my very average executive…

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Fidget Spinners are all the rage right now but what people are not paying nearly enough attention to is the fidget spinner packaging. I know that sounds a little bit weird but I actually bought, I bought a fidget spinner just so I could get the box. The box is super interesting because you can…

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