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Elizabeth Hurley Manifests Magic in Marvel’s Runaways!

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELIZABETH HURLEY: To come into Runaways, she’s the first character that’s been in here who has huge powers. And unlike the kids, who are discovering powers, the amateurs, she’s not an amateur. I am here with the ever enchanting Elizabeth Hurley. Hello. – Hi. LORRAINE CINK: You will be playing Morgan le Fay,…

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The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 504 (Web Chat) | truTV

♪♪ Hey, guys. Michael Carbonaro here. Thanks for watching the new episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” And welcome to “The After Effect,” where I answer your questions. Thanks for writing these in. You can always write them in at #AskMichaelCarbonaro on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s get started. Jana asks, “Where do you find that ‘Moby…

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Quantum Magic Tricks Q&A at the Royal Institution

Audience member: Hi, when we were doing the Nano engineering down here on the floor. You seemed to be deliberately saying that you were destroying the electron on one atom and then recreating it somewhere else. Can you just explain how that works as opposed to moving the electron? Yvette: That’s a really good question,…

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