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Magic Failed

Tim, what’s up? I’m fine You know magic, don’t you? Yes, but it’s been a long time. I don’t know it anymore Because I want a big drone Why? your drone is big, isn’t it? Yes, but what I mean is that it should be bigger than me Okay, let’s try Wait, what are you…

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Tested: Keyboard Cleaning: Magic Eraser vs Slime/Super Clean Gel vs Baby Wipes [+ASMR Bonus]

Do you clean your keyboard? Maybe you should! A keyboard has 60 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! I will show you three incredible methods to clean your keyboard. Really clean, cheap and fast using things you might already have in your home, supermarket or buying online. Can you guess which is the best…

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CYCLONE // TUTORIAL (Card flick & Magic trick)

(“Black Magic” by K. Sparks feat. Ahmad) (bassy hiphop instrumental) – What’s up, YouTube. Chris Ramsay here. Thanks for tuning in. Today, we’re gonna have a look at the Cyclone tutorial. Cyclone is a card toss from the deck hand to the other hand and there are multiple applications for it including bouncing a card…

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