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Ronan and Harriet Take A Lesson In Being ‘Basic’ | Magic Breakfast

Ronan: Right, we’re talking about the word ‘basic’ and it’s a millennial word right? ‘Basic’. In this Urban Dictionary as such. And Harriet and I are confused. We have a couple… well a millennial and a half in the room. Eloise: I am technically in the millennial generation. Ronan: Are you? I don’t think you…

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Who Is James Corden’s Favourite Presenter? | Magic Breakfast

Harriet: We can’t let you go without discussing – so Daisy we hope you love Magic – we know James that you love Magic. James: Oh Magic is my life. It’s the first thing I did when I got in the car at the airport was stick Magic on. I miss it. I genuinely miss…

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Magic Mission Christmas with Bensons for Beds

Hey everybody, it’s Harriet Scott and Ronan Keating from Magic Breakfast and once again we are delighted to be launching Mission Christmas on Magic. Now, it’s a sobering thought, but many, many children risk waking up on Christmas Day with no presents whatsoever. It is a luxury that many families simply can’t afford. Well at…

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Ronan’s Secret Talent | Magic Breakfast

Ronan: I love a good haggle. Harriet: Do you? Do you? I can’t bear it. Ronan: Oh no, you’ve got to haggle. Haggle with me! Harriet: But what? Adam: What over? What are you going to barter? Harriet: I’ll give you a fiver for that top you’re wearing. Ronan: No way, it’s worth eight quid….

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♿ Wizard SIN Barreras en tu Kodi

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Nicole Kidman’s reaction to The Killing Of The Sacred Deer reviews | Magic Radio

[So this has been called the most disturbing film of the year I read today, are you happy with that?] Raffey Cassidy: Yeah! (laughs) Yeah! Nicole Kidman: I think, you know I don’t think Yorgos sets out to make something disturbing. He sets to make a film that is a very, very strong vision of…

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« Cette vaste illusion qu’on appelle le week-end » | Plus Près De Toi

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Michael Bublé: 4 Songs I Secretly Love | Magic Radio

The first song I chose as my secret love, but it’s really it’s not a secret Love. It’s like saying that that chocolate or crisps are a guilty pleasure. Why? Why are they guilty? There’s nothing to be guilty about. They taste amazing. The music sounds amazing. I’m not guilty about – Listen, I love…

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Jennifer Lawrence clears up BAFTAs ‘rude’ controversy with Joanna Lumley | Magic Radio

Ronan: It’s a bit much! Jennifer: It’s a bit much! Ronan: Jennifer Lawrence is on Magic Breakfast, good morning! Jennifer: Hi good morning, I’m good! Ronan: I wanna clear this up because I know– Jennifer: I wanna clear it up! Ronan: I watched it, I know exactly where you were coming from, but, certain people…

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Ellie Goulding on Amy Winehouse | Magic Chilled

Ellie: Well I’ve chosen Amy Winehouse, ’cause how could I not?! I’ve chosen ‘Love is a Losing Game’, I was gonna choose ‘Back to Black’, but it’s so sad that song, it makes me sad. But ‘Love is a Losing Game’, because it’s just… I was gonna say it’s underrated, but it’s not underrated. She…

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