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Cool Trick With Balloons and Coke

Frozen on the outside liquid beverage on the inside very very refreshing hey, what’s up guys welcome back I got a very cool experiment for you today. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I was hanging out in La with my friend Logan Paul, and we tried taking flat Dr. Pepper putting in…

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Balancing Matchstick Trick

Good morning my friends! I’m back today with a cool little trick that traces back to my childhood. Now a lot of you have probably seen this done before, I’m doing this video for those of you who haven’t. It’s really simple , it’s really fun, and honestly it’s something you can go try right…

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Dan White Turns Random Math into a Personalized Gift for Jimmy Fallon

-Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it so much. -We love you, buddy. -Jimmy, as a magician, I believe that nothing is random, that every decision that we make is based on some decision that was made previously, from this moment, all the way back to when you were born. -Okay. -Jimmy,…

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Vanishing Coffee Magic Trick In the News Newspaper Magic

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SML Movie: Jeffy’s YouTube Channel!

(Sigh) Mario: Can’t Wait To Watch TV! Jeffy: Hey Daddy, Wanna See Me Be A Fish? Mario: A Fish? Jeffy: Yeah, Watch. (INSTANT CONSTIPATION) Mario: J- Jeffy Stop It. (CONSTIPATION AGAIN) Goodman: Breaking News, Mkkay! YouTube Sensation, Hogan Paul, A YouTuber Who Has 15 Million Subscribers And Makes Millions Of Dollars For Making Vdeos On…

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How to Make MAGIC SAND

[Captioned by Will Robinson at ytranslator.com] This video is sponsored by SquareSpace Whether you need a website, a domain, or an online store Make it with SquareSpace Check the link in the description below for 10% off your first order. Hey guys, I’m Nate. Welcome back to the workshop. Today we’ve got an experiment to…

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Stories, Magic and Moments in the City!! // IMPROMPTU STREET MAGIC

[Music] there’s a magician who is deceased now if you go on YouTube I guess you could just punch in magician smoking cigarettes and basically you pick a card and he starts lighting up cigarettes and he has conversation with you while you’re while you picked a card and he always ask you what is…

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MAGIC CARDS FOR SALE! – Random | Zach of all Trades

Magic cards for sale. (dry laughing from behind the camera)

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I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

Design a hammock that also functions as fashion. Look at that front view side view hammock look What’s going on guys. welcome to dope or nope, the channel which we rate products and Anything else we can find a dope or a nope? And you know what today we’re doing something a little unique This…

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Marshall’s 10 Card. Magic Trick by Magic Inc.

Hey Craig! What’s going on dude! Always a pleasure. Can I show you a great trick? You can always do that. Excellent! It’s called Marshall’s Ten Card. okay. Your’e never gonna guess why it’s called that. I’m go out on a limb that it was filmed originally in the 1920s in a Marsh and they…

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