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Professional Magician Reacts to IMPRESSIVE Dexterity!!

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL GOD LIKE Sleight Of Hand!!

– Yo what’s up guys and welcome back, this… (sigh) This my office this is the kitchen area. Your not getting a full tour yet, I think were going to do that on Friday so stay tuned for Friday. Hit the notification bell to make sure you… If ya You know whatever Okay. So today…

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How Are These Things VANISHING?!!

– Guys, I’ve created a perfect paper airplane. This is folded to perfection in a way that it comes back like a boomerang, so I’m gonna try and do a little trick shot here and throw this paper airplane, make it go under and over that pole, and I’m gonna catch it in this hand,…

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STREET MAGIC // LUCK had NOTHING to do with it!

(electronic dance music) – What’s up guys? Welcome back. The view here is immaculate. Check this out… (mellow techno music) I’m here for the weekend. Toronto International Film Festival is going on. The city is buzzing with celebrities, and new movies, red carpets, and parties and that type of thing. And I got invited this…

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL Magic!!

– Yo, what’s goin’ on guys. Welcome back. First of all, thank you for all the support on the last video on the Excalibur review. I was pretty bummed. In retrospect, it happens. One thing that did cheer me up though, I commissioned a puzzle last year by a famous puzzle and cabinet maker. It’s…

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Magician Reacts To ACTUAL Black Magic!!

– So, this is just crazy, check this out. So you see this? Anne Hathaway, you might be like, “Oh, that’s cool, she’s smiling,” but watch. What? That legit blew my mind. It looks like they’re both smiling ’cause it’s upside down, and then you turn it upside, look at that. It’s like, so blatant…

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10 Magic Products Magicians Don’t Want You To See!

“DOPE or NOPE” or you use your time to get all the garlic out your teeth to use a head of garlic crackers Wow Boring, we’re doing magic today I’ve been a little weird today guys and we are looking at 10 magic products That magicians do not want you to see that’s right, baby…

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REACTING TO COIN MAGIC!! – World’s BEST coin Magicians!

– So today, for your visual pleasure, I have compiled some of the best coin magic on the internet. These are fantastic coin magicians who have posted this stuff on either Instagram or Facebook. Before I start this video, I want you guys to know that I’ve left all of their Instagram tags on here…

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Magician Reacts to The FUNNIEST Magic!! (Try not to laugh!)

– Yo, what’s up guys, welcome back. Today, I haven’t been uploading in the last week, I took a week off. So, felt really good, kind of feel relaxed now and back on the grind. I got a few videos coming this week, obviously. We are hitting the three million, by the time you see…

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Magician Reacts to IMPOSSIBLE Card Manipulation!!

– You might be asking yourself, Chris, why are you wearing a dress shirt? This is my job, and I’m at work. So I thought I’d have to dress appropriately today. Unfortunately, I’m also barefoot and wearing jogging pants. So that doesn’t make sense. Welcome back. What’s up to the new subscribers. Probably not the…

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