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How Are These Things VANISHING?!!

– Guys, I’ve created a perfect paper airplane. This is folded to perfection in a way that it comes back like a boomerang, so I’m gonna try and do a little trick shot here and throw this paper airplane, make it go under and over that pole, and I’m gonna catch it in this hand,…

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL Witchcraft!!

– No coffee today, I’m on a cocktail. It is missing something though, I feel like, I need lime, it’s missing lime. No lime. (upbeat music) This is cool, hold on. This is an old recipe rolodex where you keep recipes in such as, here you go, onion soup. All sorts of recipes. But there’s…

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– My name is Chris Ramsay and I have a confession. I’m a magician, and I know most of you think that magicians are all about sleight of hand and misdirection. There are some of you out there who believe that there’s more, that we somehow have summoned spirits and used demonic possessions in order…

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Professional Magician Reacts to SLEIGHT OF HAND MASTER!!

– Ah, yeah what’s up guys, and welcome back. It’s Monday, got a busy week this week, headed to New York for the whole week, but, I thought I’d deliver. Monday, we’re gonna be taking a look at some black magic. Chris, black magic isn’t real and you say so yourself. Or is it? No,…

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Instagram’s Strangest “Magician”

What’s up Greg, I hope you’re all having a great day. Welcome back to my channel. This of course is another episode of Because I never left. Today, we’re going to be talking about my favorite Instagram magician Lucaggallone. Or maybe it’s Lucag Gallone? Or maybe it’s Luca Ggallone? I’m just gonna call him Luca….

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[Captions by Judy V. and Frank Calderon at Y Translator] Guys, with today’s modern medicine, they finally did it. They finally were able to create a Chug Jug in real life. [Whats that?] Except Chug Jug was copyright, so they decided to call it Jilly Juice. If you guys don’t know what a Chug Jug…

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oh WHOA Hi Sup Guys so we’re doing Another Optical Illusion Video I really liked the last one I wanted to do Another one When your hair Malfunctions (we feel you girl) so we’re Gonna get right into this So this is a Picture of some Cars on a street it looks like an Old…

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL Wizardry!!

(soft jazz music) – Ever tried to make a card castle? I’ll show you a really neat trick to make a card castle. So you gotta make sure they’re lined up as soon as you get the first one. (beating table) Or you can try this way. (cards crackling) (soft jazz music) That works too….

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