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First Date with Best Friend Crush to Make Husband Jealous! Tricks to Win Dream House with Kiss Prank

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Rebecca Tricks GMI AGENTS for 24 Hours! (LAST to SHOWER wins $10,000 Challenge for a Day) Hacks

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GIANT SNAKE PRANK on Rebecca’s Best Friend! (Spending 24 HOURS Surprising Tricks on Crush Challenge)

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CREEPY GIRL Controls Our Lives for 24 Hours! (Pranks to Trick Halloween Hacker) | Rebecca Zamolo

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Becoming a Game Master Agent for 24 hours! (GMI Disguise to trick Hacker) Matt and Rebecca

– I knew the poor not gonna do this I didn’t take that joke I didn’t – welcome back to the matter Rebecca Channel Rebecca is currently missing right now you need to get back into the auditions for you to the second round yeah round one we totally failed Matt we need to get…

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hey come on Papa Jake fam its Papa Jake here and if you guys haven’t watched my last video our house got hacked that’s right our entire house may have well it did get hacked by who we believe is project zorg oh we were able to get it back under control by shutting off…

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GIANT TRICK SHOT GAME in Real Life Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo Vs Game Master Inc.)

– [Announcer] Welcome to the Trick Shot Challenge. – We could beat the GMI at trick shot challenge, Matt? This isn’t fair, you guys are controlling the game masters. – We lose this, we’re gonna be trapped in here forever possibly, and we don’t wanna lose our YouTube channel. – The GMI has the game…

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Magic Trick You Have to Watch Twice

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ for you! (playful guitar music) – [Christopher] Hey everybody! Welcome to Magic Monday where every Monday I show you a magic trick. Today I’m here with Rebecca and Matt. And we are literally just about to go on stage for the Miranda Camp. – [Rebecca] Minutes away….

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My Broken Heart Magic Trick w/ Rebecca Zamolo

– ♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday for you. – Hi everybody, welcome to Magic Mondays, where every Monday I do a magic trick based on your suggestions. Today, I’m here with Rebecca. – Hello. – And we are going to do a magic trick with a hammer. I got a lot of comments…

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World’s Easiest Magic Trick

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ For you (upbeat music) – Hey everybody, welcome to Magic Monday. Today I’m here with Rebecca Zomolo and Matt Slays. – It’s me. – And we are going to do some magic. This is actually the easiest card trick in the world. People always ask me, “What’s…

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