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Narrated D&D Story: How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames

[Channel Teaser] How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames This happened a while ago in an Adventurer’s League game, though the DM allowed some leniency in some regards. The core of the group was made up by a Human Paladin, a Human Nobleman Rogue Swashbuckler, a Halfling Bardbarian, a Tortle Cleric…

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Magic Rampage Community Update (January 2020)

Yo, whats up guys, ProfSeS here and today we´ll take a look at Magic Rampage community updates And we are going to start with Magic Rampage Wiki So as you can see the main difference between this version and previous version is this part here So instead of slider, I think its called like that…

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Top tier photoshop magic.

Top tier photoshop magic. Cute slippers Campers at the beginning of every match: I believe this works Sweet dreams are made of this McScuze me? This subway cat defies all rules Brakeing a wine glass with a megaphone. Pre Production footage of Hideo Kojima showing his staff what Revolver Ocelot is all about. The floor…

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The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

(spooky music) (blood splattering) (woman screaming) (door bell rings) – [Snapchat Ghost] Trick or treat? – Oh happy Halloween Snapchat! Costume’s a little on the nose. – [Snapchat Ghost] I’m a ghost! – Yeah, you sure are. And I see Instagram’s here too. – [Instagram Ghost] I’m a ghost! – I can see that, yeah….

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Some pretty dope magic

– Take these, place them behind your back. – Okay. – And give ’em a cut. – Okay. – Cut the deck anywhere you like. – Okay. – And afterwards we’ll show the camera this is a completely normal deck, they’re not bunch of duplicates or anything. All right cut it again, if you like….

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Professional Magician Reacts to IMPRESSIVE Dexterity!!

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Professional Magician Reacts to GENIUS Magic Tricks!!

– Yo, what’s up guys, I’m here with 4 time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis! Say hello Nelson. – What’s up guys. Nelson’s got a YouTube channel as well, and we’re featuring him this week. Don’t mind yeah, he sort of mapped out his mind back here, we’ll get to that on Friday stay tuned….

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL Witchcraft!!

– No coffee today, I’m on a cocktail. It is missing something though, I feel like, I need lime, it’s missing lime. No lime. (upbeat music) This is cool, hold on. This is an old recipe rolodex where you keep recipes in such as, here you go, onion soup. All sorts of recipes. But there’s…

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Magician Reacts To ACTUAL Black Magic!!

– So, this is just crazy, check this out. So you see this? Anne Hathaway, you might be like, “Oh, that’s cool, she’s smiling,” but watch. What? That legit blew my mind. It looks like they’re both smiling ’cause it’s upside down, and then you turn it upside, look at that. It’s like, so blatant…

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(clapping) Magic review! What’s going on, guys? Welcome back. I find my skelf. (laughing) I find myself scouring the internet sometimes looking for good magic, bad magic, interviews with reptilian overlords. Regardless of what the YouTube algorithm brings me, sometimes I like to go back to Reddit. You guys aren’t familiar with Reddit? I don’t…

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