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Bullet Time Magic And 10 Best Outriders Features | Outriders Gameplay (PC)

This is Outriders from People Can Fly. Believe it or not, you are looking at the next generation of video games. Yes: it involves rooms full of waist-high cover and heads that explode like watermelons. But it also has giant time bubbles that let you do slow motion murder, which is the best kind of…

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10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks To Rule The Night

I’ve spent the last week lurking around London, deciding which people to bite. I’ve been doing it in a game, too. That game is Vampyr, an action adventure with a fascinating twist: the more people you hurt, the easier the game becomes – you see, you use their blood to power up our hero. But…

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Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Review | 8 Best And Worst Features

Hello! And welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun, I’m Alice Liguori and I’m here with yet another game pack review for The Sims 4. They make so many of these things, I wonder why ‘Sims Expansion Pack Reviewer’ isn’t a recognised career path in the game. I’d have maxed it out centuries ago. Anyway, let’s not…

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13 New City Building Games For 2019/2020 We Can’t Wait To Play

Hello! And welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. My name is Alice, and as the video team’s resident city builder fanatic, I’m having a great few months. Town ‘em ups are coming back thick and fast on PC lately, with Foundation, ISLANDERS, Tropico 6, Anno 1800, and Dawn of Man all breaking ground in recent months….

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