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Narrated D&D Story: How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames

[Channel Teaser] How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames This happened a while ago in an Adventurer’s League game, though the DM allowed some leniency in some regards. The core of the group was made up by a Human Paladin, a Human Nobleman Rogue Swashbuckler, a Halfling Bardbarian, a Tortle Cleric…

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Wolfoo’s Lost in Magical Sonic Game World | Wolfoo Family Kids Cartoon

Welcome to Wolfoo Family Channel Enjoy watching this new episode

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The Wizards of Aus (2016) || Official Trailer

[ MONTAGE ] [ DRAGON ROAR ] JACK: That’s a fucking bummer. [ LOGO: LATENITE FILMS ] JACK: Figured I was done with that place and I just need to find somewhere rational to live. MORGAN WRIGHT: And so that why you migrated to Melbourne is it? JACK: Footscray has cheap rent, but anywhere in…

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How to Create a Magic System | Storyteller’s Handbook

Hey everybody! M.S. Farzan here and in this video we’re going to discuss how to create a magic system. We’re gonna be drawing upon a couple of tried-and-true sources for this topic, so I’m gonna direct you towards Brandon Sanderson’s Laws of Magic and Phillip Athans’ The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, which…

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Lorefinder: Wizards of Golarion

Try to imagine Pathfinder as a 20 sided dice, each of its many sides representing the various classes that define it, all of them equally important, and perfectly balanced…*snicker* ok maybe not perfect but close enough right? 2 classes in particular would definitely be on opposite sides, I’m of course referring to our last subject,…

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Let’s Play Wizard of Legend | No Wizards were Harmed.

hi there welcome to our let’s play of wizard of legend I’m your hjalti and we’re taking on this game you might remember seeing this before in previous videos decided I you know what you know what it Lets make some better quality stuff for you guys so we’re in the earth Kingdom you can…

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The History of Shahrazad, The Rich Story of a Magic Card Weekend Legends

The History of Sharazad Written by NamataGG3 To this day, Shahrazad remains a unique and infamous card. However, few players are familiar with its long and colourful past. I hope you find the history of this card as interesting as I do. I’ll start with the flavour of the card. Arabian Nights was the first…

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