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Back to School with Steve and Maggie | Speak English with Stories for Kids | Wow English TV

Oh, no! Oh, what a mess! Oh, I am going to be late for school. Oh. Oh, hey, hello boys and girls. I am looking for some things for school. I need my pen, my pencil, my rubber, my ruler, my pencil sharpener. Oh, where is everything! Oh, he hey, look! What´s that? What is…

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Magic Classroom Objects for Kids | Stories from Steve and Maggie with Bobby | NEW on Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV. Okey and don’t forget to do your homework. Oh kids, oh what a mess. But first thing first I clean my whiteboard. It’s my pencil. Oh what’s that? Oh hey, hello boys and girls. Sorry. I have to finish cleaning my whiteboard. Why don’t you go and find…

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