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How to make #Crochet #MAGIC #CIRCLE Tutorial #CrochetGeek Magic Tips & Tricks

i’m going to grab ahold of the loose end leaving the tail between my hand like this wrap it around over my hand back over, grab ahold of it with my little finger put my hook below this strand pick up the yarn pull it through drop it off my hand wrap the strand over…

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Camp Camp: Episode 10 – Mind Freakers | Rooster Teeth

♪ ♪ So, Nikki… was THIS your card? [Gasps] Oh my gosh! How did you know! The answer is simple. It’s magic! Tada. Of course! It makes perfect sense! [Cheering] Hey, Space Kid, what’s going on? Harrison is doing MAGIC. He’s incredible. Pssh. “Magic”. Come on, Space Kid, I expected better from you. There’s no…

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