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Static magic – Science with children – ExpeRimental #5

Oooh! Can I try that? I am using The Force! Now, this is the closest I get to doing magic. But this isn’t actually a trick, this is a demonstration of static electricity and it’s a really fun way way of getting your children interested in some really interesting phenomena. Now watch that, just an…

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The Magic of Consciousness

Consciousness matters to us. Arguably it matters more than anything. Take away the magic of sensations, the magic we create, and we’d be smaller creatures living in the duller world. Yet consciousness is still a scientific mystery. Does it mean there are dimensions to the universe that science doesn’t understand? Or could it all be…

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The Magic of Chemistry – with Andrew Szydlo

Yes when I was 10 years old I used to live in Shepherd’s Bush in West London not that far from here And every Saturday afternoon I used to go to Shepherd’s Bush market You see I was very keen to see what people were selling. What they were buying. But most importantly, what they…

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