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20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017

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Dang! Apparently Butane Did The Trick

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back you might remember last week we tried making Coke Rockets using propane We saw videos all over the internet claiming that you could mix propane and coke and getting them to blast off like a rocket However, when we tried that we found that at the epic fail, oh…

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7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

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How to make a paper flower bloom in water? (Magic Water Flower Experiment/capillary action)

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Black & White Disk Illusion experiment

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HYDROPHOBIC SAND aka Magic Sand Experiment (Sand that won’t get wet)

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TOP 10 Magnet Science Experiments & Tricks from Mr. Hacker!

nice 10 Awesome Tricks with magnets *Chink* *Clink again* *Loud bang* *Matches’ Flame hissing* *Matches’ Flame hissing again* *The small steel balls in the person’s right hand making a crinkling noise* *The small steel balls making a slapping sound when drawn together* *Continued noises when being slapped against the other magnet* *The sound of the…

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Balancing Matchstick Trick

Good morning my friends! I’m back today with a cool little trick that traces back to my childhood. Now a lot of you have probably seen this done before, I’m doing this video for those of you who haven’t. It’s really simple , it’s really fun, and honestly it’s something you can go try right…

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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] In today’s video, we are revisiting our hydrophobic sand, In today’s video, we are revisiting our hydrophobic sand, trying to make it even more waterproof than before, and using a variety of bright vibrant colors. [Music] A while back, we did a few experiments trying to find a…

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