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Trick Your Brain to Feel High

This episode of “Hard Science” is brought you by Full Sail University. Hey. Welcome to “Hard Science,” a show where we use just a little bit of knowledge about the world to bend it to our whim. I’m Anthony. I’m Tara. I’m Trisha. Trisha is on loan to us from SourceFed. We promised Phil that…

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Disappearing Water Trick – Science or Magic?

Hi guys, welcome back to Beals Science. I’m Craig Beals and I want to show you some science behind some magic. So I’ve got three cups set up here and I’ve got some water. Now this is regular old water. Pour it into one of the cups and i’m going to move them around and…

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COLOUR MAGIC – ENGLISH – Fantastic, Surprising, New-year Card.

this color magic, every child would love. you need some card, transparency, scissors, tape, marker and pencil colors. take a thick card sheet and draw a picture with pencils. do not draw the outline. this is the entire picture with no outline. this is the back of the stiff white card. now a piece of…

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