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Amazing Fire Hands Trick!

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20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017

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TOP 10 Magnet Science Experiments & Tricks from Mr. Hacker!

nice 10 Awesome Tricks with magnets *Chink* *Clink again* *Loud bang* *Matches’ Flame hissing* *Matches’ Flame hissing again* *The small steel balls in the person’s right hand making a crinkling noise* *The small steel balls making a slapping sound when drawn together* *Continued noises when being slapped against the other magnet* *The sound of the…

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Catch Fire without burning yourself(Telugu)|Experiment-1|Magic Lab

Hey everyone, how are you all? Hope you are all good As we all know that its impossible to handle fire with our bare hands Today i am gonna make it possible It’s good for photography We can take some cool pictures having fire on our hands You can do this experiment at your home…

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10 unglaubliche Tricks mit Eiern Salz Eikopf auf ähnlicher Weise Behälter in Form vom Zylinder So gut wie ein Ball (: Ein hartes Ei Kochendes Wasser sehr gefährlich! Knetmasse Essig In 1 oder 2 Tage Wie ein Ball (: Leeres Ei Wasser + Mr. Muscle (NaOH) Wasser + Mr. Muscle (NaOH) + Aluminium Wasser +…

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Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets – Smarter Every Day 153

Hey, it’s me Destin. Welcome back to SmarterEveryDay. You might not know this but every single hydraulic pump in every car you’ve probably ever been in has a little bitty magnet in it to catch shavings so that the mechanism doesn’t foul up. Now, I know this because when I was growing up both of…

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