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We’re back with Anders trying his first indie Today we have one objective and one objective only and that objective is to teach you guys five scooter tricks that you can learn in One single day. Wait, does that make it five objectives? Technically maybe now before we get moving I wanna let you guys…

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This BMX Trick Took 50 Tries

This is one of the hardest tricks I’ve ever done on BMX. There’s so many different rotations. I’m R. Willy. And my world’s first is a Silly Willy on BMX. [MUSIC PLAYING] So the Silly Willy, AKA 360 double front flip on BMX, came about because I landed on scooter about three years before. And…

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The Trashiest Trick Ever

JOSH ROBERTS: It’s extremely fun, extremely bizarre, weird, and it shouldn’t be happening. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Josh Roberts, and my world first is riding a trash can down the Giganta Ramp. ANNOUNCER 1: Here we go! Check it out! ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] He’s gonna flip it? Whoa! JOSH ROBERTS: So the trash can…

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The Most Unexpected BMX Trick

CHRIS HAFFEY: Every time people see it, they get a bit tripped out by it. But it actually works a bit better than you think. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, I’m Chris Haffey, and I’m a professional roller blader. [MUSIC PLAYING] So [INAUDIBLE] first I just want to be cool like all my friends and jump…

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This Trick Defies Physics

BRANDON SCHMIDT: I don’t really know how to bail out at that point, so I pretty much just man up and hold it until I hit the ground with the bike fully backwards. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is British Schmidt, and my World First is the double backflip double tailwhip and I call it the…

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R-Willy Lands Another Impossible BMX Trick

the trick clean mean that you have some history what’s up I’m Ryan Williams and my well first is a front-flip rock solid on BMX so front flip rub side is a combination of a front flip at a rough solid and a rock solid being where you go back to you see double grab…

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Pink Panther Gets Into Mischief! | 35 Minutes of His Most Chaotic Capers

(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (horns honk) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (motor whirs) (motor meows and hisses) (motor sputters) (whistle blows) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (coughs) (growls) (sirens blare) (motor sputters, whirs) (motor sputters, stops) (ignition stalls) (horns honk angrily) (sirens blare) HMM. (whistle blows furiously) (coughs) (sirens wail) (grumbles) (sigh) (bang, horse neighs) (bangs,…

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