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International Potato Chip Taste Test

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Diablo 3 2.6.4 Wizard Build: Lightning Hydra GR 97+ (Guide, Season 16)

hey folks this is rhykker with a diablo 3 patch 2.5 build guide on the wizard build that may become the best wizard build for Season 10 now this is just recorded on the test server where things are still subject to change so do check back in the future for more details on whether…

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Ellen Finds a Future ‘Magic Mike’ Dancer

Right now it’s time for another edition of Ellen, Rate My Baby. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now all right, this is not a competition. There are no losers, but there will be a winner. Anna from Atherton, California posted this photo of her son Adam. All right. I shall now rate her baby. I doubt he’s a…

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Jon Dorenbos Maps Out an Incredible Magic Trick!

Hi! Awesome. How are you? How are you feeling? Oh, man. Great day to be alive, huh? It is! Yes! Yeah, wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. You look good. Thank you. You look good. You look amazing as always. Thank you so much. I’d like to know what’s going to happen, so– I’m ready to rock. What…

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Jon Dorenbos Is Back with Two Amazing Magic Tricks

Hi. We’re alive, baby. Hi. We’re alive. Great to see you. You’re looking good. You look really good. How many weeks has it been? I think five months. Five months. Five months, yeah. Wow. That’s September. So yeah. You look good. Thank you. All right, so I understand the Philadelphia Eagles, since they won the…

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Lea Michele and Mel B Impressed with Magic Tricks by Magician Jon Dorenbos

Are you ready? You’re coming on Ellen! Oh, hi! You guys stand right here. OK. Hello. Everybody stand in line. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Now here’s the deal. What’s your name? Crystal. What’s your name? Brittany. Brittany. Lea. Mel B. It’s your dream come true. You’re on Ellen right now, and you guys are going…

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