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Might & Magic Heroes Online – PvP v 2.0 2015

Hi All We were curious to know how new PvP version 2.0 works before the first Season starts We tried it out on both our characters In this compilation you will see players using different armies and strategies You can see that the layout of arena has been changed slightly: there are now extra cells…

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The Magicians 2×10 Promo “The Girl Who Told Time” (HD) Season 2 Episode 10 Promo

Julia, why do you look like a twelve year old? Because I’m her shade. I talked to your shade, she wants us to find her. I do know someone who was interested in shades. You know her too. We need to talk to her. Quentin?

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Sacred Riana: Famous CREEPY Girl Magician Comes To America! | America’s Got Talent 2018

Hi, whats your name? Okay, Let me try again Welcome to America’s Got Talent anyway **Awkward Silence** **Dramatic Drum Beat** Oh my God! **Sinister music playing** Oh my God. God you’re scary. Oh my God **Gasp** Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Yes? (Girls voice echoing) Who caused the fire? Choose a name. I say…

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Axel Hecklau | The CW

– Teller all you have to know about my act is at the end, everything will be okay. – My name is Axel Hecklau. I am a magician from Berlin in Germany. – and if it’s not okay,… it’s not the end. Okay? – [Axel] To create magic of course it takes a long time….

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Young & Hungry 5×19 “Young & Magic” / 5×20 “Young & Yacht’in” Promo (HD) Series Finale

– Did we? – We did. – Are you sure? – So sure. I’m proposing to Gabi tonight. I want you to be the sous chef of my new restaurant. (Gabi gasps) It’s in Seattle. Is that a problem? – [Narrator] Don’t miss the one hour series finale of Young & Hungry. What am I…

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Hello, alright you guys wanna see some magic?A Yes ! Sure You guys wanna see some magic? What? What? Sure Alright check it out Here we go. So what we’re gonna do here is I want you to uh here who wants to do this here pull out a card oh sure Oh Sure Go…

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Emerald City 1×04 Promo “Science and Magic” (HD)

poses a Land of Enchantment magic is his heart magic sayers she’s just beginning to discover her true power you don’t find out what you really are next Friday the Miller and today Helen today Dorothy will unlock a force that will change ours forever [Music] what has she done Emerald City all new next…

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Cholo Reacts to Melting Coin Magic Trick!

all right caught something to show you a trick with a coin trick here okay so you did a coin trick earlier right you cut like a little diamond size and that was really cool I’ve never seen that before that was actually cool where’d you learn that oh really you’re over that well here…

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The Magicians 2×08 Promo “Word As Bond” (HD) Season 2 Episode 8 Promo

What’s wrong with you? Lock it up, Q. Seriously. I can’t help Fillory. I can’t help Eliot. Please wake up. I can’t help Julia. And I just wanna — Shut up! Shut up. Shut up. Alice, what did you do?

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The Magicians 4×02 Promo “Lost, Found, Fucked” (HD) Season 4 Episode 2 Promo

– [Margot] What are you? Where am I? And why does everybody keep calling me King? – [Fogg] Do not tamper with my enchantment. – [Josh] Holy shit, it’s James Earl Jones! – [Fogg] You will not defeat this spell. Walk away. Now!

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