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1980s Workout with Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-new episode of “What the Fit.” People, I of course am your host, Kevin Hart. Today, guess what. Today we are taking it back to the ’80s. And by ’80s, I do mean the ’80s, full swing. You see my car? We’re doing it! And on my show today is Mindy Kaling….

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Harlem Globetrotters Train Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart seriously hurt in a car accident. Hart sustained “major back injuries.” Some encouraging news for Kevin Hart. He is reportedly able to walk again, although he’s in tremendous pain. Kevin: Basically, what you realize is that you’re not in control.At the end of the day, it can all be over,…

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Supergirl | 100th Episode | Super Moments | The CW

– Supergirl! (triumphant music) (exhaling air) – Oh, we’ve had so many amazing episodes. – Thank you, Supergirl. – You’re welcome. I always think back to season one when Supergirl made the television address. When faced with an enemy determined to destroy your spirit, you will fight back and thrive. That to me, is Supergirl,…

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Amazing Stories — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

(Music) Woman passenger: Just how many of these things have you dealt with? Woman driver: More than most people feel comfortable knowing about. (Music) Woman passenger: And how many times have you failed? More times than most people would feel comfortable knowing about. (Music) Woman: What if it does these things for a reason? (Music)…

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Deadtime Stories S01E03 Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Both: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! Ready or not. Here we come. Where is she? Boo! [ laughs ] [ both scream ] what, did you guys think I disappeared or something? Boy: uh-huh. All right, are you ready for a Deadtime Story? Yeah, what do you have for us this time? This one is…

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Ep 32 Doraleous and Associates

hasn’t had you see that guy looks a little yeah or in everybody’s vehement oftentimes except the c_d_-roms said but different overstated and i’ll ralph linked to the court merrick garland backpack mechanical following type stuff that i know this guy what school with the date to my ticket that their a medical good to…

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(insects chirping) (birds chirping) (lighthearted music) – I would start with, chess is a thinking game. – Chess is a game of skill. – Even though it looks boring, doesn’t mean it is boring. – It is a great game. – It’s my favorite game also. (water splashing) – You have materials, pieces. – 16…

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Camera Wizard – White Balance (Fluorescent)

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The Wizard of Oz: Review of my favorite movie

The Wizard of Oz: my favorite movie. I think it’s time isn’t it. I think it’s time to talk about this amazing piece of art. For the longest time, I couldn’t choose what my favorite movie was until I realized the answer was right in front of my nose just between a pair of ruby…

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Richard Tuttle: Reality & Illusion | Art21 “Extended Play”

If I were a better artist or something, I would have really tried these many, hundreds of times. Different strings, and different situations, I didn’t wanna know them too well. A lot of my work is about not being able to do something well. It tries to locate itself in a place where An appreciation…

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