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Best Clothes Hacks & DIY Fashion Tricks for Girls!

A closet full of clothes but you still have nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? Well, no problem! These epic clothes hacks are here to save your day! Ready? Let’s go! A blouse that keeps ridding up! Ugh, is there anything more annoying? Not really! But hey, no need to stress, because here’s an epic hack…

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“It’s All an Illusion” Quilt Tutorial

If you love magic tricks, you’re going to love today’s tutorial because it’s all an illusion, here on Man Sewing. That is right I have stolen this pattern idea, well that’s not true, I actually purchased the pattern from the MSQC. It’s called It’s All an Illusion. And I’ve seen lots of these quilts done…

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Trying the “MAGIC EMBROIDERY PEN” – does it work? | Embroidery Pen Review

This video is supported in part by Skillshare. [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to my channel! My name’s Annika, and today I’m going to be reviewing something that a lot of you have asked me to review… this so called magic embroidery pen. Now it has been touted as a way to make embroidery…

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