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SHIN LIM REVEALED! Shin Lim And Colin Cloud! The AVENGERS of MAGIC! Colin Cloud Revealed!

This is Shin Lim and Colin Cloud revealed. It’s how to do Shin Lim’s sleight of hand. I’m not going into Colin Cloud. This is just revealing how Shin Lim did the sleight of hand moves in his performance. So first off, he did this thing with the four aces, but the four aces had…

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Shin Lim Wows Henry Winkler and Ellen: Extended Cut

We’re back with the magician Shin Lim and Henry Winkler, and we have another trick for both of us. We both love you so much. Well, Henry. Big fan. Well, I am an admirer of your ways. Well, thank you. Same here, man. It’s crazy. Like you’re a legend. So it’s kind of unreal for…

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Magician Reacts To CRAZY Trick on Jimmy Fallon

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‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim Spooks Mario Lopez With Mind-Blowing Magic Trick

>>Thank you so much, really.>>That never gets old. A look back at him taking home the trophy last year. His second agt win. Back to back.>>He’s on stage with a las Vegas residency. They join us now, welcome gentlemen.>>All right, man.>>Everyone knows you’re amazing, congratulations on everything. Let’s get to some magic.>>You’ve seen a lot…

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World’s 7 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #8 | Shin Lim | Dynamo | AGT | FactoFusion

Magic can be sometimes so instantaneous and perfect, that you can’t figure out even if it happens just before you. So be it Dynamo’s famous saree trick in India, or Demian Aditya’s greatest death escape, Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, today we are gonna unlock the top secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks…

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(blinds clacking together) – Yo yo yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pendrea here, back with another video. In this video, we have a few things going on, we have a few updates that I want to make you aware of, but also at the end of this video, I’m gonna show you a piece…

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Vanish ANY Pen INSTANTLY – Flip Stick Magic Tutorial

– Yo, yo, yo guys! What’s going on? Alex Pandrea here. Welcome back to another video. This week’s video, I’m super excited. Because I’m in LA with my friends, with a whole bunch of magicians. We’re gonna take you through my trip here in LA. Hanging out with friends, signing some decks, and just having…

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The BEST 4 Card Control – MAGIC TUTORIAL

(radar beeping) (intense music) (cars honking) – (claps) What’s going on, everybody? Alex Pandrea here. Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another tutorial. Now, if you follow my channel and you’re up to date with all the stuff that I’m teaching, you’ve realized that I teach some stuff and you might have…

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Dynamo Teaches His FIRST Card Trick (MAGIC TUTORIAL)

(Laughing) – What were these by the way? These are cool. – These are the new ones, but now you kinda showed them. I guess we have to show them to everybody. Do you want to show them? – Why have they got super knots? They should be like knots of steel. (imitates bomb exploding)…

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(hypnotic trance music) – Alright, we’re gonna do the yo, yo, yo on three. – Okay, let’s do it. – Ready? Three, two. – (in unison) Yo, yo, yo. – It’s three yos. – I did yo, yo, yo. – And we kind of mend it in together, like it’s on yo so people go…

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