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Shin Lim Wows Henry Winkler and Ellen: Extended Cut

We’re back with the magician Shin Lim and Henry Winkler, and we have another trick for both of us. We both love you so much. Well, Henry. Big fan. Well, I am an admirer of your ways. Well, thank you. Same here, man. It’s crazy. Like you’re a legend. So it’s kind of unreal for…

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‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim Spooks Mario Lopez With Mind-Blowing Magic Trick

>>Thank you so much, really.>>That never gets old. A look back at him taking home the trophy last year. His second agt win. Back to back.>>He’s on stage with a las Vegas residency. They join us now, welcome gentlemen.>>All right, man.>>Everyone knows you’re amazing, congratulations on everything. Let’s get to some magic.>>You’ve seen a lot…

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