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SHIN LIM REVEALED! Shin Lim And Colin Cloud! The AVENGERS of MAGIC! Colin Cloud Revealed!

This is Shin Lim and Colin Cloud revealed. It’s how to do Shin Lim’s sleight of hand. I’m not going into Colin Cloud. This is just revealing how Shin Lim did the sleight of hand moves in his performance. So first off, he did this thing with the four aces, but the four aces had…

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Shin Lim Wows Henry Winkler and Ellen: Extended Cut

We’re back with the magician Shin Lim and Henry Winkler, and we have another trick for both of us. We both love you so much. Well, Henry. Big fan. Well, I am an admirer of your ways. Well, thank you. Same here, man. It’s crazy. Like you’re a legend. So it’s kind of unreal for…

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