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How to make #Crochet #MAGIC #CIRCLE Tutorial #CrochetGeek Magic Tips & Tricks

i’m going to grab ahold of the loose end leaving the tail between my hand like this wrap it around over my hand back over, grab ahold of it with my little finger put my hook below this strand pick up the yarn pull it through drop it off my hand wrap the strand over…

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Where Is My Dress? (Goo Goo Girlz Story About Magic Wand)

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Ellen & Portia’s Optical Illusion

– Who thinks that I’m taller, who thinks that Portia’s taller? [audience laughter] Oh, don’t just laugh at that. Answer the question. [audience laughter] Do you think that she’s taller? audience: Yeah! Well, she’s not. She just wears heels. [audience laughter] And she makes me bend my knees when we stand together. [audience laughter] No,…

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