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Foosball Academy: Episode 3 | One Easy Trick Shot (foosball tips)

Hey what’s up guys I’m Vincent welcome to foosball academy. Every episode I will do an analysis on a shot a pass or defense hopefully you will learn more about the strategy in foosball Alright here we go Hey welcome back to another episode if you use the snake shot or the front pin as…

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ベイブレード神業 クリスマス編 | KAMIWAZA (Beyblade Trick Shots Christmas Edition)

Dear Santa Claus. Please give me a beyblade. OK! Let’s Go Excalibur!! Let’s go!! Hello We are KAMIWAZA. Welcome to Beyblade Tricks Christmas Edition! Let’s go!! I will show the reindeer’s jumping power! Reindeer big jump shot! Oh. Pain. painful. Merry Christmas! Hey Santa! You dropped present! You dropped Santa! What are you doing? Lol…

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Basketball Trick Shots

What’s up guys! It’s Basketball Trick Shots from Studio Mitesh (Miti Shah [Bro Skills])! Swish!! Let’s get on with it. This is the Selfie Shot! Bang! YEAH!! Please stay [camera] and basketball hoop in frame. And, this is the basketball hoop 3-pointer. Let’s go! This is the Coffin Corner! Don’t listen to what I say…

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Camera Wizard – Main Menu

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Out Of This World Trick Shots with How Ridiculous!!!

What’s going on here! Boy oh boy! Hey. We are Out Of This World and we recently changed our name and to celebrate that we’re doing a whole trick shot video dedicated to it. Look, and we’re How Ridiculous, and we think these guys are ripper! You’re gonna really enjoy this video. “Cause the vid’s…

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The Dolly Zoom: More Than A Cheap Trick

The Dolly Zoom is one of the most disorienting and flashy camera techniques of all time And it shows up in some of the most beloved scenes in cinematic history. It’s famous for its bizarre look but the shot also teaches us a lot about filmmaking. It shows the different kind of lenses and how…

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Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the triple William– nah, I’m kidding, guys. Three is too many. It’s just a double. It’s just two. Dude Perfect. This is the bow fishing balloon buster. Let’s go, baby! This is the bow and arrow bottle buster from a Sea Doo! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the mobile gonger. Yes, let’s go!…

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Trick life 2

TIA: Give me. SEAN: Very good! A basket! Save, this one for you. CHEERS! Oh no … Hi guysss! This is Trick life 2! we hope you enjoyed our video. comment below, pick a like and let us know which trick you liked the most! subscribe our channel if u haven’t done it yet! Follow…

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GEN WHY NOT: Trick Shot Engineer

Hi. I’m Kevin. And I am a trickshot engineer. What is a trickshot engineer? You’ve probably seen those youtube videos of athletic dudes making elaborate shots off the roof of a house or the roof of a stadium. I’m the unathletic dude that makes those shots physically possible. Back a few years ago, after I…

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Camera Wizard: An interactive video series about shooting basic video (with Corey Vidal)

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