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Markiplier’s Magic Touch

[Wet With Regret from Closer To Me Than Him plays] [muffled music] [ding-dong] [getting up noises] [muffled getting up noises] [getting up noises] [crash] Heeeiii gaiz! How you doing? Welcome to LA! [squeaky nipples] Come on in! My home is your home. Get ready for… …a week of amazing video gaming. [pure amazement] You don’t…

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50 WAYS to get the MOST Halloween Candy Trick or Treating!

Hey right in there oh so close your neighbor got 2, I think you can get 3 50 ways to get the most Halloween candy trick-or-treat I’m gonna need an extra one for my buddy here Trick or Treat great way to get around trick or treat I’m gonna need another one for my buddy…

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50 Crazy Things to Do Instead of Trick or Treat on Halloween!

hey you’re supposed to throw eggs at other people’s houses 50 things to do instead of trick-or-treating say hello to my little friend whoa I am NOT putting my face in there trick or treat trick or treat Oh no monster so how have you been you’re not much for conversation are you Oh Halloween…

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50 Types of Trick or Treat Givers on Halloween!

trick-or-treat hello is anyone here oh they left the Halloween candy with these dummies I hate whenever they do that have a nice day fifty kinds of people who hand out Halloween candy raisins raisins raisins all kids love raisins not this kid all kids all right I don’t think kids should have candy so…

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Wizard of Oz (Lil’ Buddies 2)

Hey man, hey, I just had a really upsetting thought… Whaaaaat. What is the thought? Ok, so you know like, The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I know *like* The Wizard of Oz. Ok, but no! So like… if… What if… so… *sigh* Like…right at the beginning of Wizard of Oz. Out in the real world….

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I’M A WIZARD!! | Left Hand Path

Bo loop doop boop ba-lep bep buh Be Bep boop boop ba doop boop ba daah- Beh da boop ba Bep balep beh bah Ah *Imitates car alarm* ba doop Okay, ooOh Ahlee? NOW WOW! I’m a wiZArd! Pick up items with the left trIGGER Holy shitballs! I got a staff and a hand With…

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Super Illusions Thinking Putty with Color-Changing Properties

Super Illusions putty is the perfect kinetic plaything. Kids and adults alike will love its shiny, marbled appearance, which shifts color depending on its relationship to a light source. Like its cousin Magnetic Thinking Putty– Cross promo! –the elastic toy is addictively sculptable, squeezable, stretchable, bounceable, rippable, and combustible. Except that last one. That’s not…

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50 Types of Trick Or Treaters on Halloween!

we get three pieces of candy because there’s three of us yep our friend here you may look like a dummy but that’s just part of his costume oh look a little Viking I’m not a Viking I’m Julius Caesar mmm well I can’t have this because I’m allergic to peanuts and I can of…

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Magic Eraser Trouble! PopJam Drawing Challenge SuperHeroKids

It’s time for the Pop Jam daily challenge! First I’ll practice on paper. Then I’ll draw it on the app and finally I’ll share it with my pop jammer friends! Hmmm, what should I do? I need to clean this marker off before it sets in. What are you doing Hope? I’m just practicing my…

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MAGIC CARDS FOR SALE! – Random | Zach of all Trades

Magic cards for sale. (dry laughing from behind the camera)

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