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‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim’s Magic Tricks Wow Max Greenfield And Kelly Clarkson

– Do you play cards, do you gamble? – No, I do Wheel of Fortune slot machines. – All right well, – I love them. – Hopefully you know at least- – Like an old lady. – The aces are obviously a good card to have as you know? – Yes – Okay so watch,…

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Watch The Property Brothers Do Magic Tricks For Dogs | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You are a magician. Do you ever do tricks with your dogs? – Oh yeah, I’ve actually used them in, Gracie, so she’s a Chihuahua. She used to be really, really chubby, and you can do anything with her. Put her anywhere and she’ll just stay. – [Kelly] Oh! – She literally just sits…

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Black Magic Trick

*door opening* I’m Poppy. Who wants a black magic trick? Pick a card, any card. *electronic bell sound* (Male voice-over) Your card is the six of hearts. Is this your card? You win a piñata!

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KIDZ BOP Kids – 24K Magic (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 34]

Hey kids Put your pinky rings up to the moon Hey what y’all trying to do? Twenty four karat magic in the air Head to Toe so player Oh look out KIDZ BOP It’s show time (show time) showtime (show time) Guess who’s back again Oh they don’t know? (go on tell ’em) I bet…

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