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SCP Foundation – Trick or Treat

*Doorbell* “Trick or treat.” “Happy halloween, care to come in?” “Well.. my entire life my parents were telling me not to go into strangers houses.. so okay.” *Awkward Laugh* “Cool costume, I like the place too. It’s very… secret lab.” “Thank you I like yours as well.. its very uh.. societal leech.” “It’s fitting.” “You…

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20 GENIUS SCHOOL PRANKS AND TRICKS || Funny Food Hacks For School by 123 GO! GOLD

You’re late, young lady, and you have a drink which isn’t allowed! Oh man I just bought this! Hey, teach, sorry I’m late Plus always get a little hard to navigate sometimes! Alright move it along. Oh man my throat is so dry I really could have used that orange juice hey do you have…

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EASY YET GENIUS BEAUTY HACKS || Useful Makeup Tricks And DIYs By 123 GO! GOLD

Hey looking good ladie!s You’ve mastered the art of the selfie angle for sure! Hey my lips look so dull next to your gorgeous pout! So not fair see Bella’s pout looks plump and gorgeous and I just look sad yep there it is again what can I say I have nice lips genetics I…

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Parents in “The Magic School Bus”

Hey dead the school says Miss Frizzle can’t take us on any more field trips unless our parents sign permission slips so can you sign this? Oh sure thing where you guys going like the zoo or a museum? Space. Like actual space? The Triangulum galaxy to be more specific. Is this like a joke?…

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BEST PRANKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || Awesome Prank DIYs to Turn You Into A Master-Prankster!

Hey Lily aren’t you gonna help your sister with all those grocery bags? If she didn’t have her head buried in her phone she’d realize her sister needed a hand! Seriously Lily? Fine I’ll open the trunk, geez! Say if Lily keeps your eyes glued to our phones shall we never see this print coming…

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Turning a Dog Park into an EPIC Landscape Painting!

Oooh my gosh- Hey guys, welcome to another episode of RossDraws and welcome back to Milo Month. This whole month is dedicated to this boy- First we turned him into a Gundam, made an anime series, then we drew him a girlfriend Maybe I could paint like an epic landscape for a movie, TV show,…

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FUN AND GENIUS PHOTO HACKS || Instagram Tricks For Awesome Pics by 123 GO! GOLD

Oh right Vicki what do you have up your sleeve this time? Whoa what sorcery is this? A floating ball? Must be that headband giving Vicki these magician vibes! All right Harriet Potter what gives tell us your secret a ladle we should’ve guessed you are in the kitchen Oh double whammy chicken noodle my…

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Noah’s Ghostbusters tricks! SuperHeroKids

(upbeat quirky music) – So today, on our sisters only challenge. (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Please Noah, you’ve had your fun. Now go away. (sighs) (knocking) (gasps) (Noah laughing) – I already told you, it’s a sisters only challenge….

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So then I told the guy: “No you can’t take my car!” You guys! We need to capture this moment right now! Cheese! So cute! You better tag everyone in these pics Amy’s can never make my arms long enough to eat everyone in the frame let me try if you don’t have a tripod…

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(surfer dude) If I could time-travel, I’d totally go back in time to eat my lunch again. (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (movie narrator) Project Almanac, rated PG-13. In theaters January 30th. – (actress) Whoa-ho! – (actor #1) What the hell is that? – (actor #1) Here we go. Project Almanac… ..temporal location prototype? What does that…

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