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Bottle Smashing + Epic Trick Shots

This is what we call the shag bag blaster baby Let’s go!!! We’re here! Palm Beach National with the man Mikey D What’s up everybody. Place to Be! We pretty much found out about Mikey D on Instagram He does some pretty sweet trick shots with his driving range. His courses. They’re a lot of…

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Criss Angel Mindfreak: Levitation Vanish (Season 6) | A&E

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Evolution of the Infinite Lives Trick in Mario games

[Music Plays] [More Music] [Jumping] [More Jumping] [1-Up Jingle] [More 1-Up Jingles] [Music Plays] [Even More Jumping] [Mushroom] [Jumping On The Shell] [More 1-Up Jingles] [Music] [Jumping Once Again] [Running, Jumping] [Running] [More And More Jumping] [Shell Hits Anything That Gets In Its Way] [Music Replays?] [1-UP JINGLE!!!!!] [Super Mario World Map Music Plays] [Overworld…

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Mallard Point Magic | Duck Hunting with DNA Guide Service

We’re here in Ortonville Minnesota ready to hunt with DNA guide service very excited Darrin puts together quite a show so it should be an awesome day. Good Morning. Morning! How ya doing? You want some breakfast? No I’m good. Thanks quite different experience get up at DNA and you’re literally walking 100 feet to…

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My Broken Heart Magic Trick w/ Rebecca Zamolo

– ♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday for you. – Hi everybody, welcome to Magic Mondays, where every Monday I do a magic trick based on your suggestions. Today, I’m here with Rebecca. – Hello. – And we are going to do a magic trick with a hammer. I got a lot of comments…

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