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Colin Farrell on Working with the ‘Magic’ Tim Burton on ‘Dumbo’

Talk about Dumbo. Let’s talk about the movie. Oh, yeah. So the original was– what was the original about, and what is this about? The original was– this is very much about the same thing the original is about. The original is about a baby elephant born into a circus, and the baby elephant is…

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Time Is But a Stubborn Illusion – Sneak Peek | Genius

What is time? A deceptively simple question, yet it is the key to understanding relativity. It is sort of the reason my hair is going gray. [laughter] When we describe motion, we do so as a function of time, 10 meters per second, 100 miles per hour. But the mathematical description of velocity is moot…

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First Look: The Magic Of 9-1-1 | Season 1 | 9-1-1: LONE STAR

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Jojo Accuses Amara of Dark Magic | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

That’s a lot. Jojo, when you said, Amara put roots on you? What exactly do you mean? Couple readers had told me that somebody had put roots on me. It’s not Voodoo. -So, they said- -It’s roots. -…it was someone and you thought it was Amara- I mean, they told me it was a girl…

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