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IMPOSSIBLE ILLUSION – Try not to be Misdirected!!

– A quick lesson in misdirection. I want you to keep your eyes on the four aces. But let me warn you, I will try and misdirect you. – I’ve got two sponge balls here. Boom, oh! Now, let’s poke the eye. – [Chris] Hey, Vince. So, today we’re looking at visual magic. – Look…

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This CUSTOM Puzzle Box Has a HIDDEN Treasure!!

♪(upbeat music)♪ (coughs) – What’s up? How’s it going guys? Welcome back. Today’s Wednesday, and this is a crate. This is a crate that I got in the mail from my friend Daniel Scott Woodworks. I don’t know if you remember Daniel Scott or Daniel Alterman. He sent me a puzzle a few weeks back…

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Coke Can Magic Trick

Hello Friends, Whats up guys!. Tonight I gonna show you the trick with my empty coke can and you can see its crushed from all the sides and it is also empty. Next thing I gonna use is this cup, So by using this cup I will try to refill this empty can so first…

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