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Aata Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Shraddha Das | Hindi Movies

Passing spirits, come.. Passing spirits, please come.. Stop. ‘A lady died in a road accident in a place called Mati Penang..’ ‘..which is in Kaulalampur the capital of Malaysia.’ ‘People say that the Ouija Board is reason for this.’ ‘Sneha is the name of the girl with these beautiful eyes.’ ‘Her thinking is very similar…

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Kahani Mein Twist (Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren) 2019 New Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vijay Sethupathi

This round colourful marble like thing you see.. ..is not actually a marble.. ..it’s one of the several universes around us. When we jump into the universe we reach a place.. ..which is unfathomable. As we jump and dive into the space we notice a small red thing. It’s not as small as it appears…

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Vaastu Shastra Full Movie | Hindi Movies 2019 Full Movie | Sushmita sen | Horror Movies

What happened? Why are you crying? Why are you seated here? You like it? East? East, West. South and, north. Excellent! Why? What happened? – Yes. East entrance? – Yeah. Vastu Shastra. Your study. This is a big bathroom. We’ll give this room to Rohan. – Okay. So, how did you find it? lt’s beautiful,…

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