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Nomad of Nowhere: Episode 10 – The Witch and The Knight | Rooster Teeth

*clap clap* My word, it worked! What is it, Papa? Why, it’s your new friend, Melinda. The scarecrow? He watches over our fields, doesn’t he? He can watch over you too. Why? You’re telling me you don’t want your very own magical friend? You said we weren’t supposed to use magic. Well… it doesn’t hurt…

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Magic Prank for GloZell Goes Too Far

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How to Make a Commander Deck | Magic Arcanum

Welcome to Magic Arcanum. I’m Ryan Gomez and I’m so glad you’re here because it’s Story Time! Commander is a hugely popular way to play Magic, and with Modern Horizons giving us so many new and cool cards that are perfect for the format, I thought we’d take a look at how to tackle building…

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Creative Magic with Cosmic Spider | Nature Magic

Thank you so much for watching this video on creative magic with Cosmic Spider. I know that spiders can be a scary subject for many people. I do hope though that by the end of this video you will feel more curiosity and wonder than fear. So who is Cosmic Spider? When I’m talking about…

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Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 – MAGIC SEEDS?! [24]

Yes, so. Did you guys know that about 95% of all Magicians are bald? Because they’re always pulling their hair out Hey, what’s going on guys SSundee here back to some more sky factory with ugly. Hello, ugly Hello, pretty. How are you doing today? I am good ugly Mister ugly That’s good mister pretty….

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GloZell Attacks Magician w/ Bananas

– [Singer] It’s such a fun Magic Monday for you. – Hey everybody, welcome to Magic Monday. Today I am here with GloZell. – (mumbles) ’cause I want to know okay first of all is there a spider? – There is no spider. – Okay. – No spider. – Okay. – I was gonna do…

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