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War hero’s Green Goblin: Failure! Disgrace! Green Goblin: Just like my son! Green Goblin: You’re doing no good for this city! Green Goblin: Oww! Green Goblin: Awe… [ ♪ dance music plays ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] [crowd yelling] A Spider-Man: Get him guys! [group cheering,…

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(Bank Alarm) (Explosion) Let’s go, let’s go! You paid $6,000 for a car, you didn’t get third seat? Oh, shut up! It’s not work’en… spent all our money for noth’en! You just wait. This baby is about to pay for itself. (Police sirens) (Engine Roaring) Floor it! (Epic uncopy-righted Marvel-Ish music) Hello? Hey, it’s Pete….

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Disney Princess Go Back To School

I’m scared I won’t make any friends. What if nobody likes me? You’re fine. I’m here. We’re in totally different grades. Stop worrying. You’re overreacting. You’re fine. It’s OK. It’s all right. [BUS PULLS UP] [CHATTER] Come on. [CHATTER STOPS] [TAPS SEAT] [CHATTER] Hi, I’m Anna. Hi, I’m Belle. I’m currently having a giveaway where…

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Andrew Garfield plays Magic’s Mystery Sound | Magic Breakfast

Harriet: Right, you could win £10,000 if you guess it. Andrew: I was listening this morning to this. Harriet: Oh were you? Andrew: But I haven’t heard the sound, I heard a couple of guesses. Harriet: Well have a listen. Ok, this is Magic’s Mystery Sound. Andrew: No one’s ever going to get that! Ronan:…

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Nagraj: Shakoora the Magician | El Reviewer Random [CC: ENG SUBS]

Either by the great cultural differences, or simply lack of interest, in general, the West received very little information about what happens in other countries which also applies to art from those areas. While there has been considerable openness in recent decades to what has been produced in countries like Japan and Korea, this is…

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