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The Jacksepticeye Power Hour – Marvin’s Magic

(music playing in background) Hello, and welcome to the Jacksepticeye Power Hour! Today we laugh in the face of science to see… Today, we’re going to find out because we have with us Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks, from Marvin’s Magic! I’m gonna be unboxing this, and we’re gonna see if there’s anything worthwhile in it….

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GOLDEN SHOW – Street Magic

Few years ago, a new trend from the US appeared in the streets of our cities : STREET MAGIC. – Come closer… Wanna see some magic? Great. Form a circle around me. Amoung those new illusionists, one is on every headlines : Tim Fisker a step backwards please… Tim Fisker’s levitation illusion has become a…

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Harry Potter and the Magic of Puberty

Harry Potter is growing older, and so strange changes are beginning to take place at Hogwarts. Harry, what’s this? Yes, and why do you have this strange wand? Wingardium Leviosa… Nope, it doesn’t work. At Hogwarts, the students are transforming. Look at me! What is it, Harry? What’s happening to me? It’s puberty! Yes, even…

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*SFX of a clock ticking rapidly and iOS notification sounds* SHUT UP! Ian: Oh uh, do you have the time? Anthony: Yeah yeah, it’s uh, it’s 12:15. Noah: It took 1.5 seconds for you to check the time! Anthony: You timed that? Noah: With this stopwatch on my all new Apple Watch! Noah: Just one…

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(attempting to call through Skype) (Ian) Shut up!! Look, Tiffany, it’s been six months. You promised me you’d show me your face by now. (distorted voice) Yeah, I-I don’t know. Tiffany, look. You know I hate arguing with you ’cause I love you so much. Just please show me your face. Okay, fine. Just, I…

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Magic: The Gathering Office Hours – Nissa Revane

Miss, uh, Revene? Oh, just call me Nissa Right.. Uh, thank you so much for stopping by my office I wanted to talk to you about the direction that your story is taking. Ah yes. For Zendikar ! Yea.. Well thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about Uh, I’ve noticed some rather…

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Magic: The Gathering Office Hours – Jace Beleren

*school bell ringing* *Jace sleeping* Ohhh… I’m sorry, I must’ve dozed off there, uh… Thank you so much for coming in to my office today, Mr. Beleren. *Jace still sleeping* Mr. Beleren? *Jace still sleeping* Jace! *startled* Hoh! Hoh! It’s not my fault! I didn’t accuse you of anything! Ugin made me do it. Ugin…

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Hot and hilarious! Johnny Vegas ‘strip’ dance with Magic Mike 🔥😂 – Comic Relief 2019

Comic Relief 2019. It’s time. Brace yourself for an experience you will never forget. Go wild for the cast of Magic Mike live. Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Magic Mike and Johnny Vegas! How was that? Is it wrong to say empowering? Honestly, the years I’ve wasted of my life on pasta. It’s pulled…

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Don’t you know that Android tablets are way cheaper than iPads? (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (munching) Ian! IAN! (testily) What? Dude, you gotta try some of these chips. They’re SO awesome. Aw, man, I love carbs, but I’ve kinda got a date coming over. (scoffing) You, uh, look at your face? No… why would I– OH…

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HOW2: How to do Magic Tricks!

– Abracadabra, double-dare. From my hat, I’ll pull a… – Hi. – Aw pear, you’re supposed to be a hare. Get back in the hat. – What? (grunting) Oh no! – Get back in the hat! – No, it was terrifying in there! – Okay, fine. – Okay, anyway, welcome to How 2. Today, Orange…

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