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Little Red Car | Trick Or Treat | Spooky Halloween Videos For Toddlers by Kids Channel

“Let’s go from door to door! No one will know it’s us! We’ll get tons of candies in these costumes!” Knock knock trick or treat Be careful look I’m a ghost Knock knock trick or treat I’m hungry look I’m a Ghoul “Hahaha. That scared them! Let’s go to the next house!” Knock knock trick…

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I Want to be a Wizard! | Halloween Songs for Children | CheeriToons

I don’t like bats and I don’t like brooms I don’t like boiling stinky mushrooms These dusty books that make me sneeze and mangy cats that make me wheeze The teachers here are so unfair, they put me in the naughty chair I think it would be really cool to spend my time at wizard…

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