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The Sticky Balloon Trick! | Physics for Kids

Want to see a really cool trick? Watch this! I’ll take this balloon… …rub it on my shirt… … gently place it on the wall…and… …ta-dah! It sticks to the wall! Thank you very much! This balloon-sticking trick might seem like magic. But it’s not at all! The balloon sticks to the wall because of…

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Ollie! | Pinbean Wizard | CBC Kids

♪He’s a super-sneaky ninja ♪♪Or a daring secret spy ♪♪He’s a fearless dragon tamer ♪♪ Fastest pilot in the sky ♪♪Then what happens when he takes a bite of food? ♪Pop!♪He’s Ollie, the boy who became what he ate ♪♪He’s Ollie, the boy who became what he ate ♪♪He’s the tallest lettuce climber ♪♪There’s no…

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