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Animal Magic with Maggie and Steve | English Stories for Kids | Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie – Wow English TV. Great. Finished. Hey Maggie, the tent is ready. Woo-hoo. Oh. Hello boys and girls! Hello! We are camping. Yeah! We’re going to sleep here tonight. Yeah. Oh, what was that? Oh look. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Oh look. What is it? Yeah, it’s…

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Magic English Drink for kids + MORE | English stories for children | Steve and Maggie

Hi hi. Abracadabra. Haha ha. Hi Ha hi ha ha. Ou, hey hello. How are you? Look, I am using some Maggie magic. Watch this. Abracadabra. Uh-oh. Hey, hello. Hello boys and girls. I am really thirsty. I need a drink. Great. Wow! I am really thirsty. Hey. Oh no. Oh hey. Haha. Some juice….

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Animal Magic English Story for Children | Steve and Maggie for Kids in English funny ESL Stories

Go away. Shu, shu. Ohh. Oh, ha, amazing. Hey Steve! Can you help me please? Not now Maggie. I am watching a great TV programme. About wild animals. Hmmmm. Ok then. Let’s have some fun with a little Maggie magic. Haha. Abracadabra. Shu, go away. Eeeee. That didn’t taste good. EEe. What happened? My tongue…

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