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Noah’s Ghostbusters tricks! SuperHeroKids

(upbeat quirky music) – So today, on our sisters only challenge. (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Please Noah, you’ve had your fun. Now go away. (sighs) (knocking) (gasps) (Noah laughing) – I already told you, it’s a sisters only challenge….

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Clones Escape Magic Mystery Mirror I Strange Things Happening / Jake and Ty

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Doctor Strange Vs Loki : Battle Of Magicians | HINDI | DK DYNAMIC

Hey guys kaise hai aap log. To guys mera naam hai Deepak aur yaar kyi baar hota hai ki hm koshish krte rhte hain mgr hme wo results nhi milte jo hm expect kr rhe hote hai ya jo hm deserve krte hai. But one thing that i know is “You Are not a Loser…

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Magic Trick – Levitating My Car

Okay, I’m going to levitate my car and there are no special fx used in this. Just watch…

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Wizard of Oz (Lil’ Buddies 2)

Hey man, hey, I just had a really upsetting thought… Whaaaaat. What is the thought? Ok, so you know like, The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I know *like* The Wizard of Oz. Ok, but no! So like… if… What if… so… *sigh* Like…right at the beginning of Wizard of Oz. Out in the real world….

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Halloween Magic in My Talking Tom (New Update)

On a full moon night… strange things begin to happen. A guy called Tom wakes up in a whole different world and does his morning routine. Then eats a delicious breakfast. No Tom, not today. Today you’ll have something special. Here, have another one. Strange, isn’t it, Tom? Or should I call you… FrankenTom? Good…

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Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes Demo & Review | JkissaMakeup

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The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

What’s up guys Lew here back with another video. …and… This is a little different. It’s a 3D L.E.D. lamp from “Liuyao’s bosom”. I saw this on Amazon and I was like, “That!” “I need that!” Look at this thing. Some kind of 3 dimensional lamp… …projection Could it be the coolest thing ever? It’s…

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Have you ever heard this sound before? It’s my absolute favorite sound And it’s been fascinating me for many years now. But I had never heard about it before Until I moved to this remote place by the lake. I didn’t know that the ice can create the most magical And otherworldy sounds. It excites…

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LGR Tech Tales – General Magic: Creating the Cloud

In 1993, General Magic was one of the most promising tech ventures around. They had huge companies like Apple, Sony and Motorola backing them, tens of millions of dollars at their disposal, and some of the best people in the industry working for them. They had great plans for mobile touchscreen communications devices and an…

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