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We need to talk about Magic Trick Tutorials…

(soft music) – First of all, this is not click bait. I know what you’re thinking, a lot of you are thinking, “Ah, Chris Ramsay, you got us again.” This is not click bait, I repeat, this is not click bait. (clears throat) I’ve been meaning to do this video for a little while, I’ve…

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David Blaine – Real or Magic 2013 (Legendado)

most believe that the greatest trick the magician can do is to convince the world that the impossible is real amazing but when the magic is real no one is in on it yet seems impossible that’s not that’s that’s real that’s the greatest trick of all in magic the most important thing to a…

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How to Do the Spelling Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

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Make the Card JUMP to Your Mouth INSTANTLY!! (Basic Magic trick tutorial)

– Rolling? – Yeah. – So it’s like, real life scenario. Let’s say this is live. – You’re in the streets. – Yeah, I’m in the streets. So I’m just gonna do my thing. – Hi, hey. – Hey, what’s up man? – [Lee] You’re the puzzle guy. I really love your puzzle solves. –…

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$5 to $100 Magic Trick! (Street Magic)

(upbeat hip hop music)>>Ah, I forgot my skateboard. How am I gonna get around now? I gotta meet a friend that’s coming all the way from Singapore, so, this should be super dope. (upbeat hip hop music) So I’m here in Chicago, I’m a little mad that I forgot my skateboard so now I gotta…

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My Go-To card magic trick – Hot Shot sandwich Tutorial

– Alright folks, so normally I do this big B roll entrance, this whole cinematic whatever, but honestly, this is a trick that I use a lot and it’s just a go to, you don’t need any set up really. You just grab two cards that look alike, and this is what it looks like….

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Learn The BEST Card Fan Control : MAGIC TUTORIAL (EASY)

– Yo, yo, yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pandrea here, back with another video. In today’s video we are talking about one of the first card controls that I ever learned, from one of the first magic books that I ever bought, if not probably the first magic book that I bought. It was…

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Ring Throw Magic Trick – TUTORIAL

– Yo! What’s goin’ on, guys? Welcome back. Today, we’re gonna learn a little bit about ring magic. (electronic dance music) Got two tutorials that we’re gonna teach you today, which is kinda cool. Guy by the name of Nevin Sanchez submitted this ring effect to me and I thought it was really cool. Now,…

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HOW TO SHUFFLE CARDS – Overhand Shuffle – Card Magic Tutorial

what’s going on everyone welcome back to this video and right away I know what you’re thinking overhang example tutorial video why on earth should i watch this video I can do it that’s how you know you can’t so stick to the end of this video because that’s something to say before we start…

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(Alex claps) – Yo, yo, yo, guys, what is going on? Alex Pandrea here, back with another video. In today’s video, what are we going to be learning? Well, I’m gonna teach you a one-hand cut. It’s called the triple one-hand cut. (upbeat electronic music) You do the cut with one hand. Then you cut…

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