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Magic Tutorial – The Blackout Shift

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Magic Tutorial – SUZAN’S KINGS

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Find your Valentine – Valentines Day Interactive Card Magic Trick

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Magic Tutorial – SWITCH Deal

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Floating Glass Magic Tricks| Secret Magic |Revealed Magic Tricks | Esy Magic Tricks At Home

hi my name is M.Jahangir today aj tech you how magic how do Floating Glass Magic Tricks

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Use ANY Deck of Cards and Look Like a Pro With this Card Trick

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Magic Tutorial – Charlie’s Deck Switch

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Every deck is 26 black cards 26 red cards. You got a fantastic memory You can mix them all up and remember which ones are black and which ones are red World-champion memory experts can memorize a whole deck of cards in under a minute but I’m about to teach you how to do it…

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How to CREATE Your own MAGIC Tricks!!

– Whoa, too close. You ever heard the saying creativity is a muscle? Sounds pretty lame. Seems like it’s the one thing that all these motivational speakers keep repeating. Creativity is a muscle, it must be exercised. It’s a muscle. And the problem I’ve always had with that, how do you exercise it? What’s a…

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Magic Tutorial – Mad Monte

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