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Magic Tutorial – BLIND

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Magic Tutorial – The best Torn and Restored Card Trick EVER – RIP

(dramatic music) – [Daniel Madison] The nine of clubs is torn into four pieces. Those four pieces are placed directly into the the participant’s hand. Before the participant has even covered those pieces, the playing card is completely restored. I am Daniel Madison. This is RIP. (dramatic music) Yes I can repeat myself. I would…

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Magic Tutorial – DELUSION Card Switch

(menacing music) (speaking in reverse) – I am Daniel Madison, and this is Delusion. (distorted voices echoing) (screen glitches) (chill music) (heavy trap music) I am Daniel Madison and this is Delusion. You take the nine of clubs, you show the nine of clubs before placing it facedown on your open hand. Then when you…

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Magic Tutorial – Mad Sandwich Load

(soft music) – A playing card is freely selected from the deck and signed by the participant. The magician removes the two red aces from the deck. He then loses the signed playing card into the deck of playing cards before shuffling them. The playing cards are placed aside and the two red aces are…

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Interesting People #2 – Niko Mahoé: Magician on a Motorcycle

My name is Niko Mahoé, I’m a professional street entertainer, I go by the name “Magician on a Motorcycle.” Street performing is as live as it gets. You are the only one that knows how it’s supposed to go, or how you’d like it to go, everything else has the possibility to go wrong or…

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Magic Trick – The Simple Tenkai Card Steal

What are you doing down here have you been dancing too Charlie? You know this new master class that I’ve just released the tenkai master class I think it’s only fair – now my youtube channel I teach and demonstrate the tenkai palm the that i do it That’s what I’m gonna do in this…

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Magician Asks YouTube Fans to Choose Magic Trick!

what’s going on guys and welcome back to another video I’m David Bonfadini we’re brothers… welcome back to this video I’m actually out with those guys right there they’re getting their ears fitted the stuff that they work on is that’s what I did this next magic trick on and it was because you guys…

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Magic Tutorial – CATCH

(lo fi hip hop music) – Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, you are smelling divine today. I know I say this all the time, Charlie, but this video today is dope. Dope! This is a dope aerial move, Charlie, a move in which two red aces are seen to fly out of the deck, you catch them…

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Magic Tutorial – FLICK!

Hi, I’m Daniel Madison welcome back. Thanks for being here FANK Charlie Madison I really appreciate the time this video is cute. But quick this was a really easy idea really simple idea It’s gonna be easy to teach it’s gonna be easy to perform Gets a little bit tricky in the performance and the…

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