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‘The Magicians’ Star Summer Bishil on Margo’s Growth Over 3 Seasons | In Studio With THR

(energetic music) – I’m Oliver Trevina In Studio with The Hollywood Reporter. Joined by the magical Summer Bishil . – Debatable. – I couldn’t stop myself. No, I think you’re magical. – I could, yeah, I think I’m enchanting, yeah. – There you go, yeah, let’s roll with it. At least on the show. (laughing)…

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Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic (1994) Videoclip, Music Video, Lyrics Included

The summer is magic, is magic oh oh oh The summer is magic You have to imagine, imagine oh oh oh The summer is magic You are holding her so tight Finally she’s yours The summer’s giving you more and everything is alright Now you’re fool at meeting What an adventure is You’re gonna tell…

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‘Magic Mike XXL’ Official Trailer

[hissing noise] [welder hisses] [electronic bass beat] [three bass beats] [singers vocalize] [bass beat] [three bass beats] [three bass beats] [electronic orchestra music] [bass beats join orchestra music] [crowd cheers] – Nice to meet you. Magic. Magic Mike! – [laughs] [electronic music resumes]

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Pink Panther Gets Into Mischief! | 35 Minutes of His Most Chaotic Capers

(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (horns honk) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (motor whirs) (motor meows and hisses) (motor sputters) (whistle blows) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (coughs) (growls) (sirens blare) (motor sputters, whirs) (motor sputters, stops) (ignition stalls) (horns honk angrily) (sirens blare) HMM. (whistle blows furiously) (coughs) (sirens wail) (grumbles) (sigh) (bang, horse neighs) (bangs,…

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Isekai Cheat Magician OP/Opening (FULL) “PANTA RHEI” by MYTH & ROID -『異世界チート魔術師 OP』

One, only that which you feel One, only that which you see One, only that which you feel One, only that which you see Crashing to the ground Everything is crumbling down Without warning, all that we know The countless built up pigments, too Peel away and vanish, leaving only an empty frame Where does…

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Love Summer Magic – FULL MOVIE – Sub ENG


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The FUNNIEST Prank for Magicians!!

(clap) Sorry! (girls screaming and laughing) – I have a blank playing card, and I’m gonna write something on it. He doesn’t know what’s on the blank playing card and his challenge is, he has to force it on a spectator without knowing what’s written on it. Alex is gonna, Alex is gonna show you…

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Disney Princess Pool Party

[RINGTONE] Hi. Hey, guys. Sorry Mulan couldn’t make it. She said that she had to get down to business to defeat on Huns. Ariel, why aren’t you wearing any seashells? Oh, I didn’t get the chance to go get D shells. The seashells were too small. I see Aurora already passed out. What are you…

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