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Magic Eraser Trouble! PopJam Drawing Challenge SuperHeroKids

It’s time for the Pop Jam daily challenge! First I’ll practice on paper. Then I’ll draw it on the app and finally I’ll share it with my pop jammer friends! Hmmm, what should I do? I need to clean this marker off before it sets in. What are you doing Hope? I’m just practicing my…

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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Brainwashed Mick | Episode 18 “Magic Misfire”

[Tynamon] Now, Odius, I’ve had enough! It’s time fulfill your end of our bargain! [Odius] You’re in no position to make demands of me, Tynamon. [Tynamon] No, what are you doing!? Please! [Badonna] (laughs) Looks like your little secret’s out! You’re even tinier than I imagined! You’re pathetic! [Tynamon] Forgive me madam. You promised to…

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Charles’ “Magic Trick” – CIA Headquarters Scene | X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip

The advent of the nuclear age may have accelerated the mutation process. Individuals with extraordinary abilities may already be among us. Thank you very much. MacTaggert, you really think that some crackpot scientist is going to make me believe in sparkly dames and vanishing men? You just bought yourself a one-way ticket back to the…

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