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REMEDIES Playing Cards / MAD Transposition Tutorial

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SPEAKS Playing Cards and The ITH Blackout Shift

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Creative Exposure ( and a trick with magnets )

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5 Resolutions for Magicians

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Magic Tutorial – Card To Box

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Magic Tutorial – The Blackout Shift

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Magic Moon Tattoo Needles & Cartridges | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Hey guys, it’s Liam from Killer Ink and today I’m going to be running through the range of needles and cartridges from Magic Moon. Magic Moon is renowned as one of the best producers of tattoo needles and cartridges around with artists around the world using its products. So, let’s take a closer look… Every…

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Magic Tutorial – SUZAN’S KINGS

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Magic Tutorial – SWITCH Deal

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Magic Tutorial – Charlie’s Deck Switch

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