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How Disney’s Magic Mirror Works

Disney theme parks are well known for their immersive attractions that incorporate a wide range of practical and digital effects, from the classic stretching room of the haunted mansion to state-of-the-art animatronics and projection mapping. The topic of today’s video is not one of the major E-ticket rides, but it is a popular attraction that…

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Try Not To Try Challenge Battle | Tech Gadgets You HAVE To TRY

do you guys like gadgets yes we’re wearing them we have them in our pocket they’re around us well you’re going to be able to get your hands on some of these gadgets but since this is a try not to channel you’ll be participating in this try not to try everything’s probably gonna be…

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Marco Tempest: The augmented reality of techno-magic

So magic is a very introverted field. While scientists regularly publish their latest research, we magicians do not like to share our methods and secrets. That’s true even amongst peers. But if you look at creative practice as a form of research, or art as a form of R&D for humanity, then how could a…

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Moral Licensing

Moral psychology isn’t always an easy thing to study. First of all, just using a survey to ask people what they think is moral doesn’t always reveal what they would do in real life. An experiment that actually puts people in what feels like a real scenario may get more realistic results, but researchers must…

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How online marketplaces can help local economies, not hurt them | Amane Dannouni

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Krystian Aparta In February 2013, my wife and I moved to Singapore. Exactly at the same time, Uber has announced it started operations in the country. Now, my wife and I agree on a lot of things, but using Uber was definitely not one of them. While I was excited about…

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My Houzz: Jenna Fischer’s Surprise Renovation for her Sister

Houzz, Jenna Fischer, Full, Gaurav, 23-03-17 Home means to me… family Home is the place where I feel most comfortable It’s where I’m with the people I love the most… …my husband, my kids my sister, my parents My family are my best friends I’m Jenna Fischer and this is “My Houzz” Even though I’ve…

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The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law to the Next Level

We’re suiting up to take you inside a clean room that’s building an engineering marvel that’ll push the entire electronics industry to the next frontier. They’re both amazing machines and scary machines. There’s an enormous amount of complexity with them. There’s an enormous number of things that can potentially go wrong. It’s something that you don’t…

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Seeing beyond the illusion of knowledge: Jason Latimer at TEDxWallStreet

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Have you ever leaned off a cliff and stared at the vastness and thought what it would be like to just step off and soar through time and space? Okay, why are you guys looking at me like that? No, there was at least one time in…

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Mechanical Marvels—Optical Illusion Viewer: Picture Puzzle of King Christian V, 1685

[No Sound]

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The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

So I’m going to speak about a problem that I have and that’s that I’m a philosopher. (Laughter) When I go to a party and people ask me what do I do and I say, “I’m a professor,” their eyes glaze over. When I go to an academic cocktail party and there are all the…

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