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Powerful visual illusions | Al Seckel

We’re going to talk — my — a new lecture, just for TED — and I’m going show you some illusions that we’ve created for TED, and I’m going to try to relate this to happiness. What I was thinking about with happiness is, what gives happiness — or happiness, which I equate with joy…

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The mathematics of sidewalk illusions – Fumiko Futamura

If you’re ever walking down the street and come across an oddly stretched out image, like this, you’ll have an opportunity to see something remarkable, but only if you stand in exactly the right spot. That happens because these works employ a technique called anamorphosis. Anamorphosis is a special case of perspective art, where artists…

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Marco Tempest: The augmented reality of techno-magic

So magic is a very introverted field. While scientists regularly publish their latest research, we magicians do not like to share our methods and secrets. That’s true even amongst peers. But if you look at creative practice as a form of research, or art as a form of R&D for humanity, then how could a…

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Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle? – Alex Gendler

You and nine other individuals have been captured by super intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look quite tasty, but their civilization forbids eating highly logical and cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they’re not sure whether you qualify, so they decide to give you all a test. Through its universal translator, the alien guarding you tells…

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The myth of Thor’s journey to the land of giants – Scott A. Mellor

Thor—son of Odin, god of thunder, and protector of mankind— struggled mightily against his greatest challenge yet: opening a bag of food. It’d all started when Thor, along with his fleet-footed human servant Thjalfi and Loki, the trickster god, set out on a journey to Jotunheim, land of the giants. Along the way, they’d met…

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Can you solve the prisoner boxes riddle? – Yossi Elran

Your favorite band is great at playing music, but not so great at being organized. They keep misplacing their instruments on tour, and it’s driving their manager mad. On the day of the big concert, the band wakes up to find themselves tied up in a windowless, soundproof practice room. Their manager explains what’s happening….

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The myth of Arachne – Iseult Gillespie

From sailors who were turned into pigs, nymphs that sprouted into trees, and a gaze that converted the beholder to stone, Greek mythology brims with shape-shifters. The powerful gods usually changed their own forms at will, but for mortals, the mutations were often unwanted. One such unnerving transformation befell the spinner Arachne. Arachne was the…

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The Illusion of Understanding: Phil Fernbach at TEDxGoldenGatePark

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Peter van de Ven So, today is all about passion. Passion is super important, passion is great, but … there’s a dark side to passion, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. We live in an extremely passionate society. So, we’re on the cusp of an amazing technological revolution…

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The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

So I’m going to speak about a problem that I have and that’s that I’m a philosopher. (Laughter) When I go to a party and people ask me what do I do and I say, “I’m a professor,” their eyes glaze over. When I go to an academic cocktail party and there are all the…

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This one weird trick will help you spot clickbait – Jeff Leek & Lucy McGowan

One simple vitamin can reduce your risk of heart disease. Eating chocolate reduces stress in students. New drug prolongs lives of patients with rare disease. Health headlines like these are published every day, sometimes making opposite claims from each other. There can be a disconnect between broad, attention-grabbing headlines and the often specific, incremental results…

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